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Available at Berlin City Honda of Portland & Berlin City Toyota of Portland.

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Electric bicycles have come a long way. From what was once a novel curiosity, ebikes now support a wider variety of people as a safe and practical form of transport. Their electric motor has made pedaling a lot easier for the average biker and gives the rider faster speeds, more control, and a longer mileage for all of their potential uses.

Bicycles have been a convenient means of transport since the end of the Second World War. And while cycling has become a mostly a recreational activity since then, we’re seeing its return to prominence as more and more people move to overcrowded metropolitan cities.

Why buy from Berlin City?

At Berlin City, we’re on a mission to completely reinvent the way you think about buying a vehicle. For too long, the process has been conceived as difficult and stressful, while in reality, it’s supposed to be fun and rewarding from start to finish. You’ve worked hard to own a new vehicle. So now that you’re in Berlin City, trust us when we say everything’s going to be easier from here on out. You’ll work with genuine human beings, you’ll find the best exclusive prices, and you’ll end up in your dream ride without any speed bumps.

At Berlin City, we’re making it easier to try and buy an electric vehicle. So for the first time ever we’re bringing electric vehicles as well as Onewheels, EBikes and Electric Scooters together under one roof. If you’re looking to try or buy an electric vehicle, Onewheel, EBike or Electric Scooter stop by any of our locations to learn more and test drive the electric vehicle of your dreams. Because life is easier in Berlin City

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