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Berlin City keeps you moving with our range of electric mobility options.
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Experience the power-packed, all-terrain thrill of Onewheel now at Berlin City. With a variety of sizes, ranges, and capabilities, Onewheel gets you anywhere you want to go, with no compromise.

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Whether your goal is getting fit, commuting to work, or running errands, an Aventon E-Bike can help you go faster and further.

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Speedway Electric Scooters, by MiniMotors, are the most trusted and reliable entry level scooters available. Build quality is as impressive as the performance. Used and trusted by scooter share companies across the USA.

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The EV Advantage

From reduced maintenance costs, reduced emissions, and a new driving experience, there’s plenty reasons to make the switch to an electric vehicle.


Accounting for tax credits, incentives, reduced maintenance, and zero fuel costs, EVs actually cost less over their lifetime than their internal combustion counterparts.

Low Maintenance

With vastly fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles, EVs requier fewer trips to the shop. In fact, the most frequent maintenance expense EVs face are tires and windsheild wipers.

Driving Dynamics

EVs power on instantly and drive silently, and with instant torque and no transmission, EVs are said to be more refined and easier to drive than internal combustion vehicles.

Zero Emissions

Rest easy knowing EVs produce zero carbon emmisions, keeping you and your environment healthy and happy.

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